RainDance Water Systems (MWS) Free Water Analysis Guidelines & Conditions
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Unlike many water treatment dealers, we will test your water for free to ensure our systems will work for you.

If you are in doubt about the quality of your water, we will be glad to test your water for specific items that interfere with the general quality of water as it pertains to drinking water and utility water (i.e. bathing, cleaning etc.).

This test is exclusively for the purpose of making recommendations for the application of our products and to help our customers choose the correct water treatment system for their home or business.

If you already have a water analysis fax it to 760-896-6999 and we will recommend a water treatment system.

Any concerns regarding the safety of your water supply (i.e. bacteria) should be addressed by a testing facility that can perform a comprehensive test that includes microbiological testing.

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Please indicate below what your primary concerns are:
Taste & Odor
Turbidity (cloudy water)
Total Dissolved Solids (high dissolved mineral and inorganic content)
Hardness (scale)
Iron (reddish-brown staining)
pH (acidic or alkaline)
Manganese (black staining)
Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten-egg odor)
Other (Please Describe)
Please indicate your water source:
Municipal (City Water)
Well Water
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Whole House Filtration Only
Irrigation Water Only
Both Whole House And Irrigation Use
Commercial / Industrial Use
Describe Commercial / Industrial Application
In order to provide a proper water sample, bypass any existing filtration systems and draw water from the main household's plumbing system (i.e. kitchen sink, bathroom fixtures, etc.)
Please provide at least 12 ounces of water in a leak-proof bottle. Mailing or shipping charges are the responsibility of the sending party.
Please enclose this printable form with the water sample or you may fax it to 1-760-896-6999.
Please send sample and this form to:
RainDance Water Systems Attn: Water Sample
1672 E. Main St., Suite E, PMB 312, Ramona, California 92065

Call Toll Free : 1-877-788-8387
/ Fax :( 760 ) 896 - 6999 / Email: sales@raindancewatersystems.com

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